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Why does a bald guy wear a swim cap?

Why does  a bald guy wear a swim cap?

Seriously, if your bald, why would you need a swim cap? It’s not like you would be getting your hair wet right?

The slick cap would easily be replaced by the baldness to provide the sleek head of a swimmer.

Well what if I told you the reason was for something totally different.  Something you may not be expecting, or thinking of…

I want to tell you why a bald guy actually does wear a swim cap and does it on a regular basis.  Okay so I’m the bald guy and I want to share with you why I wear a swim cap almost every time I swim.

The reason is not because I love swim caps. I actually don’t like them because their hard to get on and it makes a weird SLOSHING sound with the water against the cap and the water that does get into the cap.

It definitely is not to keep my golden locks dry, and I don’t even do it to gain speed. I wear the swim cap because during triathlon races, you have to wear a swim cap.  They use it to spot swimmers in the water mainly.

SO it’s mostly just for safety that we wear them on the actual day of the race. Why then would I wear the cap almost every time I swim? Well the answer is that I want to win the race right?

Not exactly…

Of course I want to get the very best time every time I compete! However, winning or getting the best time is only a part of the entire equation. Before we can even think about that we haveto be able to complete the entire race. Just like in business we have to be able to actually do the basics before we can focus on becoming the TOP EARNER or Company Superstar.

So you can guess what comes as the first event right? Yep, the swim!  SO, instead of thinking and focusing

on winning the entire race, Or Even thinking about any other portion of the race. I broke it down into the 3 events that make up the whole race.  Since the swim is first and it was an Open Water swim, which means its not in a pool with lanes.

I figured that if I trained for the distance in a pool I would be fine right?

Well not exactly, and the reason that isn’t exactly right will bring us to the REAL reason that I wear a swim cap.

Even when I do laps in a pool! You see it wasn’t the distance that was the concern when in the water.

It was simply COMFORT! If you become used to one thing then all of a sudden you havea whole NEW set of conditions…

Well your going to uncomfortable if your anything at all like I am.

SO one of the biggest differences was the fact that I had never worn the swim cap in practice. This caused me to hear differently, the feel of my googles was weird, and even how the water was splashing against my head was different when I was wearing the cap.

WOW, how could such a minor thing be such a game changer? Well simply being uncomfortablemy body started to use more energy! Think about it.. Do you ever notice when your uncomfortable how much energy it takes away from you?

When your comfortable though, it’s like you can go and go and go! It’s crazy right? The simplicity of being comfortable in what we are doing is POWERFUL! SO, I wear a cap because I wanted to be comfortable wearing one. Now you may be thinking to yourself,

Bert that was a great story!

Or you maybe thinking why the heck did YOU SHARE this with me today?

Mainly because it seemed to be a great lesson for business as well.

I hear from so many people that aren’t “wearing a swim cap”

Let me give you an example… I talked to a client a few weeks ago, and they asked about getting better with talking to people about their opportunity so they can build a team. One way that I am positive can help,is to talk with people on a regular basis. DAILY would be the VERY BEST! When I recommended tothis client that they utilize a simple service that would allow them to speak to people daily, they replied with,  “I don’t want to do that”… The crazy part is that theyweren’t against using the service. They simply didn’t want to get on the telephone because doing so was uncomfortable.

Well how else can we get comfortable? We have to wear the swim cap. We have to do it until it becomes comfortable. IF you can do that, then YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Wearing the swim cap wasn’tcomfortable at first, Now it’s uncomfortable to not wear it!


We can adopt small efforts in our business that will YEILD MASSIVE RESULTS, if we are willing to simply GET COMFORTABLE. So how did I take this lesson into my business? More IMPORTANTLY


Well the first thing is to say YES I can learn to Get Comfortable too. That seems pretty simple right?

If you can say YES

I will Learn To GET COMFORTABLE, Then you are already half way there!

SO now let’s take the next step into becoming comfortable growing your business. Commit to yourself that you will learn!

You can start by REGISTERING NOW for an Online Webinar Wed. Night


You may even see a post or two around

social media with this entire SWIM CAP theme!

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Simple Way To Make Videos For Your Home Based Business

Fast Simple Way To Make Videos For Your Home Based Business

In today's hangout we talked about some alternative solutions. Simple way to make videos for your home based business.

Take a peek at the YouTube video below, or visit our Google+ page and see how you can get fast simple solutions!

This quick tip on how to make videos for your home based business came about from a simple need to get

some marketing videos, well really promo videos posted quickly before a deadline.


Your home based business probably needs more exposure.  One easy way to get more exposure, more leads, and make more sales is using video marketing.  Video marketing allows you to connect a little more with the viewer.  The use of video marketing can have a positive effect on your home based business if used properly.  The main thing about video is the TIME!  You want quick solutions so you can focus on your business.

There is a formula to creating marketing videos. Depending on what your goals are will determine the type of video you will want to create.  Imagine having an arsenal of videos doing the bulk of your work for you!  It really can be that simple, if you allow it to be.  Of course there are some great video marketing courses and trainings available. And you can spend hours upon hours doing research for your home based business. These are FAST solutions for action takers that want to get into action immediately!

If you use video marketing this is great way to make it quick and easy, as well as allow you to make videos for your home based business, at your leisure.  Come by and look at my other articles and video trainings for more help in building your home based business.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to connect to us on Facebook, YouTube, and over at

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Personal Development and Turning Passion into Action

Personal development and turning passion into action is a recipe for happiness. Are you tired of being a drone? Tired of waking up and doing the same thing over and over with no real PASSION?  Let me show you a formula that you can put into action.  A system to allow you the personal development you need to turn your passions into actions!

Do you remember having that unbridled  unrestrained excitement for something?  Maybe it was all the way back when you were a little kid, or maybe it was in your teens, or early twenties…..

No matter when, imagine for a moment that your back in that place, that time when you did something because it was AWESOME, because when you did it, YOU felt like a million bucks! You did it because it was so much fun, it was so challenging, so rewarding, so incredibly FUN, that you wanted to do it always and forever!

Personal Development Turn Passion into Action !

Maybe it will take a few minutes, maybe even a bit longer, you will remember or maybe you have something RIGHT NOW.  That passion is welling up inside you and your doing things that you have never done before…

Maybe your on Facebook meeting new people or your making videos for the first time ever, all because your passionate about creating a home based business, or some type of extra or residual income.  Maybe your re-engaged in some type of activity that you have wanted to participate in more.  Maybe your trying something for the first time ever… Whatever your situation is, you have everything you need when you can identify your passion.


Turning passion into action can become rewarding on many levels.  Today in the video below we discuss some ways you can take your passions and turn them into actions.

Personal Development Turn Passion into Action !

Passion and finding your true calling and becoming a light for that mission is truly rewarding!  You can become the beneficiary of the rewards when you start to live your passion, start to embody the ideas, take the actions that will yield results so you can create the life that you want to live.  Our passions and dreams can become a reality, if we choose to take the actions required to get the results.  Helping others take the actions is part of what I do each and everyday, its my passion: to change the world!

Take some actions today that will allow you to follow your passions! Take a chance on yourself, YOUR WORTH IT!

If you want to get more mindset videos, come and visit my YouTube channel.

Definitely come and visit us over at and find out how many others are finding their passion and turning that into actions that get results!

Creating An Affiliate Marketing Blog

Affiliate Marketing Blog?

affiliate marketing blog

Affiliate Marketing Concept – Blue Color Text on Dark Digital Background.

Affiliate marketing has been around for quite a while and affiliate marketing blog marketers use a lot of different techniques to increase sales and earn more money. Using affiliate marketing blog programs on a blog and promoting these products through your posts is an idea that isn't alien to bloggers. Plenty of internet marketers have been able to successfully earn money by integrating affiliate marketing blog promotions into their blogs. The purpose of this article is to teach you good affiliate marketing blog marketing strategies so that you can get as much as possible from your blog.

Understand What Your Readers Need: If you want to serve your readers as best you can, you need to truly understand who your readers are and what they need. In order to achieve this, study the changing trends from time to time, analyze how your readers are responding back to your affiliate marketing blog offers and find out what exactly they are looking for. If you think that the affiliate marketing blog products you are promoting aren't matching up correctly to your content or serving the needs of your readers you need to work hard on fixing that. Be Patient: One of the most important things to remember is that when you begin promoting affiliate marketing blog products, you need to be patient. Money doesn't start rolling in right away, even when you use your blog for affiliate marketing blog purposes so don't freak out if it takes a while to make a profit. Affiliate marketing really can make you all sorts of money but you won't see any of that money until you dedicate enough time to your foundation formation and your network building. When you just start out building your network and writing in your blog you might think things aren't going fast enough. But when they really start to speed up, you'll be able to recognize just how beneficial affiliate marketing blog promotions can be. So, at the start, focus totally upon making your blog valuable and keeping the members of your network happy and growing.

Keep Track of Your Results: Most affiliate marketing blog programs allow you to use their tracking system so you'll know which links work and which don't. The kind of affiliate marketing blog program you join might not be very complex but just about all of them can help you understand which things are selling and which aren't. Keeping an eye on how well your programs are performing will help you figure out what to do on your future affiliate marketing blog promotions so that you can make sure that you will get as much from your work as possible. Track what sells, which links get clicked and which content gets the biggest response. This is precisely the sort of thing that will help you ensure the success of your future campaigns.

More than anything, this article should help you explain how to earn as much as possible through affiliate marketing blog promotions while offering value to your readers. So what are you waiting for, go out and get as much as possible from your blog.


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